Are you, as a business owner, feeling frustrated and overworked?

Are you a prisoner to your e-mail inbox and phone?

Are you working 10-12 hours a day but feel like you haven’t accomplished anything?

Are you missing appointments and critical deadlines?

Virtual Assistant, LLC provides a full range of customized professional services such as:

  • Maintaining Electronic Files
  • Creating Forms
  • Preparing Procedures / Instruction Manuals
  • Data Base Systems/Management
  • Preparing Spreadsheets
  • Client and Customer Follow-up

We partner with business owners so they have time to do what they do best.



  • You will have a dependable partner for your business.
  • You will have increased productivity and profitability by focusing on your clients and products.
  • You will eliminate traditional office overhead.
  • You will have peace of mind!

See Virtual Assistant, LLC’s detailed list of Services and contact Janice today for a FREE Consultation.

Get your work and personal life in balance by partnering with Virtual Assistant, LLC!

Give yourself time to stop and smell the roses!